Know Your Plants with Plant Identification in Glendale, AZ

Weed & Plant I.D.

Displayed on this page are pictures of some common annual and perennial weeds and grasses, as well as some plant and tree seedlings. Pictures will contain a common name for the weed or plant seedling as well as be followed with a designation. The designation will be as follows: A (Annual), P (Perennial), and S (plant/tree seedling). Be aware that perennial weeds and plant and tree seedlings are typically not covered under warranties.

Pulling weeds is perhaps the most annoying and ineffective chore that any homeowner has to confront. Especially in Arizona’s desert climate, weeds can be a huge eyesore for homeowners as the weeds dramatically stand out from the common tan-colored landscaping. Even worse, when a business has landscaping overgrown with weeds, customers interpret this as an outward reflection of the business’ product and service quality.


Spotted Spurge (A) - weeds in Glendale, AZ
Spotted Spurge (A)
Common Purslane (A) - weeds in Glendale, AZ
Common Purslane (A)
Crab Grass (A) - weeds in Glendale, AZ
Crabgrass (A)
Pigweed (A) - weeds in Glendale, AZ
Pigweed (A)


Bermuda Grass (P) - weeds in Glendale, AZ
Bermuda Grass (P)
Yellow Nut Sedge (P) - weeds in Glendale, AZ
Yellow Nut Sedge (P)
Silver Nightshade (P) - weeds in Glendale, AZ
Silver Nightshade (P)

Plant and Tree Seedlings

Desert Bloom (S) - weeds in Glendale, AZ
Desert Broom (S)
Palm Tree (S) - weeds in Glendale, AZ
Palm Tree (S)
Palo Verde Tree (S) - weeds in Glendale, AZ
Palo Verde Tree (S)
Not only are weeds like nutsedge in desert landscapes or Bermuda grass lawns in Phoenix unsightly, but they can be very difficult to get rid of, at least without professional help. Even after you spend hours pulling all of the weeds from your yard and lawn, they will inevitably reappear, often with even greater vengeance. Unless home and business owners take preventive measures, they will soon deal with ugly and irritating weeds on their property.

Premier Weed Spraying Service

Snyder's Weed Control helps the Phoenix metropolitan area prevent the onset of weeds or effectively control already existing weeds. We have herbicides that are proven effective on annual and perennial weeds like spotted spurge, common purslane, silver nightshade, and pigweed. In Phoenix, Bermuda grass, yellow nutsedge, and crabgrass and all lawn weeds can also be a nuisance. We also control unwanted plant and tree seedlings like palm trees and Palo Verde trees.

When you hire Snyder's Weed Control, you know you are getting effective weed spray and control services that will last the entire season. We offer 6 month to 1-year applications with warranties to ensure that your landscape remains weed-free for up to an entire year. Turn your yard from an eyesore to looking well-manicured, all by using professional weed control. Call Snyder's Weed Control today and start reaping the benefits of a beautiful yard!